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Always Loaded

Welcome to Anselmo Knives, the home of the BEASTMASTER SWORD © ® and the original crafters of the solid handle balisongs! So enjoy the site, and be sure to pick up one of our limited editions before they're gone. And remember, unlike the AK-47, an AK-57 is "Always Loaded".

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From 1957 to the Present



Victor starts his knife making career in Washington Irving Junior High School's metal shop class.
(Anselmo's first business card from 1974)

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Victor makes his first butterfly knife.



Victor becomes a fulltime knifemaker.

Cooper 5 (2).jpg


Victor meets who will become his best friend, John Nelson Cooper, in Burbank California.

Famous Fellas.jpg


Victor meets a nice young man, Jody Samson, eager to learn the art of blade making.
(Samson, Anselmo, and Mr. Cooper)



Victor starts making balisongs on a regular basis.



Victor's friend John Bohannan gives him the idea to start making butterfly knives with solid handles, making Vic the first to ever make balisongs in this manner!



Victor meets Les De Asis, who wants to build a business around Anselmo's balisong design. That business becomes Bali-Song U.S.A. Victor only ended up making a handful of prototypes for Bali-Song U.S.A. before leaving and replacing himself with Jody Samson. Vic's design would go on to win BLADE MAGAZINE's Award of the Year for the best American-made new design for Bali-Song U.S.A. Les would then go on to file and receive a patent on Anselmo's and Pacific Cutlery's handle designs in December of 1982.



Victor creates, that which will become his masterpiece, the BEASTMASTER SWORD © ®!



Victor ends his fulltime knifemaking career.



Victor makes a second BEASTMASTER SWORD © ® for Marc Singer.
(Singer, John, and Victor Anselmo)



Victor comes out of retirement to make a third BEASTMASTER SWORD © ®, with his son John, for Albion Armorers.

Tshirt Logo AK57.png


John is given Victor's intellectual property and Anselmo Knives. John immediately ends the working relationship with Albion and gives the brand a new tagline: AK-57 "Always Loaded".



Victor Anselmo passes away.
1945 - 2016



Anselmo Knives releases 25 limited edition BEASTMASTER SWORDS © ® to great success!



Anselmo Knives releases 25 limited edition AK-57 Bali-Masters in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Victor's first balisong!

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What Our Customers Say

Just received my 2020 Limited Edition AK57 Bali-Master butterfly knife in the mail & wow... this thing is bad ass! An absolutely beautiful work of art. It is flawless! Clearly made by the masters of their craft. Anselmo Knives definitely put their heart and soul into their work & it shows. I am really impressed with their attention to detail. From the beautiful contours of the blade, to the micarta inlays in the handle, all the way down to the handle lock that fits so perfectly snug that you'll never have to worry about it opening in your pocket, yet is still easily popped open with your pinky when opening. Absolute perfection. THANK YOU!

C. Bauer

The Anselmo AK57 Balisong should be a must have for the serious Balisong collector who seeks to add a legit part of Balisong history to their collection. Assuredly it would be made with the same quality, aesthetic and sheer Badassery that Victor himself would be proud of.

P. Factora

I received the [Bali-Master] on Tuesday! It is awesome! Fit, finish and balance are perfect! Thanks so much [Anselmo Knives]! You’ve outdone yourself again!!

S. Heck

My fathers Bali-song is the most iconic knife of my entire life for many reasons both physical and sentimental. What a pleasant surprise it was to find out all these years later how influential your father was in bringing that knife into existence. I can’t thank you enough or tell you how special I think it is to have this Bali-Master made by you. To see my sons eyes light up when I showed it to him was just like the first time I saw my dads, got me all emotional man. Please know that you have made more than an amazing knife, you made a family heirloom.

M. Endoso

Got mine today and just unpacked. So incredible. Possibly the most beautiful thing I've held. Including my wife and children who WANTED TO WRAP IT AND MAKE ME WAIT until Christmas!!!

J. Cook

My sword arrived today and I am beyond happy!! It is utterly perfect and so well made. Balance is perfect. Just a dream come true. I’ve ordered many swords over the years but I’ve never ever had a craftsman who was so thoroughly professional in every conceivable way. Frequently updated the buyers who were kept in the loop and even consulted with. Made me feel like I was part of the project. I cannot express how pleased I am with both sword and seller!! Kudos

L. New

Got mine! I haven't felt that way unboxing something since Castle Grayskull when i was 5! 10 minutes of careful unwrapping with a geeked out smile! Thank you so much! Gotta go play some more now

T. Espinosa

I got my sword today and I couldn’t believe the craftsmanship on this. Truly a work of art.
I was lucky enough to receive mine with a fellow sword brother and we couldn’t stop giggling.

You all should be extremely proud. You have exceeded every expectation.

M. Tolentino

Opening this sword was an absolute thrill. I still can’t believe after all these long years, I’m finally able to hold this amazing weapon. My friend and I have been lifelong Beastmaster fans, stories we’ve shared for years. We were like a couple of ecstatic kids yesterday! Being an owner of this masterpiece now is a dream come true. You all made it happen, better by far than anyone else possibly could. Thank you so much!

T. Hanson

I received my new sword and scabbard. I just want to thank you for an amazing experience, and the most prized possession that I have ever and probably will ever have. This is a flawless blade that is serious business. The Beastmaster sword is no pretender, this is a serious blade with a serious thirst for respect. Every square inch is a piece of perfection and I highly recommend you purchase something from Anselmo Knives. We brotherhood of beastmaster swords are the most lucky son of a guns in this world. Thank you for taking money and turning into my lifelong dream completion. Job done. You rock.

L. Sorbello

If you have found your way to this [site]. Congratulations! You are one of us! Those who grew up with the Beastmaster. For me I was just shy of 10 years old when I became literally addicted to this movie. I'm now in my 40's, through out my life I have had a passion for swords as a result of this film. I train with swords regularly. The hardest bit is choosing which one to train with on any particular evening. ALAS! I no longer find it hard to choose as I have just received my Beastmaster sword in the mail! Is it just another gimmicky movie replica you may ask?? HELL NO! This bad boy is 150% battle ready! She's the real deal! I have hand folded Japanese katana and compared to this... they are blunt! You could literally shave with this blade. This sword is by far the finest in my very expensive collection.

I watched the film as I grew older, (introduced it to my children, who now love it also) and I would search the net to try and find a collector that may want to part with one. So after 30 plus years I found it!! I FINALLY FOUND IT!!

Do yourself a favor. Get one while you can. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you once again Anselmo knives. You have brought my childhood dream into reality.

Kindest regards, Wade Fahill. From the land down under.

W. Fahill

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